At Novaltia we attend to the needs of our pharmacies by offering the member the best price and service conditions, including a wide catalog (+40,000 references) and 156 delivery routes that cover more than 17,000 km per day.

One of the main demands of our partners is training and therefore, a pillar of our activity. Throughout 2019, we organized 60 events: 4 Conferences, 32 Courses, 8 Professional Days, 12 workshops and 2 trips in which around 3,000 members participated.


Most of our services are channeled through the Cruzfarma brand, from Unnefar, a company owned by 10 pharmaceutical distribution cooperatives whose mission is to offer its more than 4,100 member pharmacies the advantages of a large purchasing center, the most advanced management tools and the best professional and commercial services.

FarmaPremium stands out, the first loyalty program for pharmacies that is already a multi-channel platform. It allows the company to provide relevant figures for the pharmacy channel: 94% customer loyalty to the pharmacy that has given the card, a 15% increase in the average ticket in the last 6 months ... With a free loyalty card that is requested In the pharmacy, the customer receives, on average, a discount of three percent in points of all purchases made in the pharmacy that are not medicines, since it is not allowed to discount medicines. These points can be exchanged at any pharmacy that is a member of FarmaPremium, a network that extends throughout Spain.

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FarmaPremium is the first national loyalty program aimed exclusively at pharmacy office customers. It is based on a point system that repeats the visit and increases the average ticket, since the points can be exchanged for discounts on products from any participating pharmacy. But there is much more, such as specific offers, samples, gifts ...

Pharmacies and clients have a web and mobile space to check their balance, receive personalized offers and view their history. The database is a powerful but very intuitive tool that allows to characterize to customers and their buying habits.

FarmaPremium contributes 94% customer loyalty to the pharmacy that has given the card and a 15% increase in the average ticket in the last 6 months.


Cruzfarma, your trusted pharmacy

Services. Connected by the pharmacy

Cruzfarma is the brand under which Grupo Unnefar, a pioneering company in the implementation of management tools and services, brings together the best proposals and the most innovative solutions for its pharmacies associated.

‘Connected by the pharmacy’ is the project developed by Unnefar, a second-degree cooperative made up of 10 leading companies in their area of operation - Cenfarte, Cofano, Cofarcu, Cofarle, Cofarme, Cofas, DFG, Nafarco, Novaltia and Riofarco.

It is based on the interconnection of people who have needs and projects to meet them. People who belong to groups that work in pharmacy, distribution, industry and society in general. The projects are grouped around four main areas - management, customer, professional and community - with the pharmacy at the center of all decisions.

From established services such as Farmapremium, the first nationwide loyalty program for pharmacies associated with cooperatives, to the most innovative.

Regarding services and management tools, under the Cruzfarma brand, those encompassed within Cruzfarma Homecare stand out for their novelty, aimed at the comprehensive care of the patient's health wherever is found. Likewise, by supporting and facilitating the management of pharmacies and the training of their professionals, Campus Farma was born, the online training platform for Pharmacies of the Unnefar Group and El Cubo de Unnefar, meeting point for live online events.

Also two solutions to facilitate omnichannel in the sector: Online Pharmacy Channel, a web portal where you can find pharmaceutical advice and the option to process orders on-line; and Farmaoffice go, a tool that allows you to quickly, easily and inexpensively create a personalized web page from which to work on the image and online communication with users of the pharmacy, publish health content, manage the schedule of services and activities or communicate pharmacy promotions.

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Novaltia Solutions

NOVALTIA SOLUTIONS is the international consulting division of Novaltia that works to share our experience of success, verified and applied in the pharmaceutical distribution cycle, with other wholesalers of all the world.

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