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El curso está impartido por Asun Arias y Nuria Ortiz-Movilla y cuenta con 6 módulos de diferentes temáticas centradas en las últimas novedades y tendencias.

Novaltia, cooperativa de distribución farmacéutica que cuenta con más de 1.000 socios en Aragón y Euskadi, continúa con el Curso de Reciclaje en Cosmética que organiza junto a Asun Arias, prestigiosa consultora, farmacéutica experta en gestión por categorías y en cosmética.

The cooperative, through the Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors –FEDIFAR- to which it belongs, is part of the Caritas project “Pharmaceutical Distribution: 365 days of solidarity”.

Novaltia, cooperativa de distribución farmacéutica, colabora en un nuevo programa dentro de la campaña “Distribución farmacéutica: 365 días solidarios” firmado por FEDIFAR y Cáritas, y cuyo objetivo es apoyar a las familias con menos recursos. En esta ocasión, la finalidad del programa se centra en el acceso a las necesidades de alimentación básicas.

The San Jorge University and the pharmaceutical distribution cooperative Novaltia have renewed one more edition, the fifth, the chair that they jointly signed in 2011 and which aims to develop doctoral theses, international student mobility (University of Technology of Sydney) and projects related to research in the pharmaceutical sector.

Last Monday, November 12, the students of the average grade of Commercial Activities, within the subject "storage techniques", took a guided tour of the Zaragoza warehouse.

José María Melendo, Logistics Director of the cooperative, received the forty students, who were accompanied by teachers Teresa Cuervo and María Jesús Miguel. In the first part of the visit, the company's lines of action were explained to them, introducing them to the role of distribution within the pharmaceutical sector.

The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification –AENOR- carried out an effect, from June 25 to 27, the Renewal Audit of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System of Novaltia, without detecting any conformity or deviation. This excellent result, achieved in record time, makes Novaltia the benchmark Cooperative in the sector, in terms of the management of its processes and adequate environmental performance.

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