Pharmadron, the drug distribution project to pharmacies using drones, awarded by the Xunta de Galicia


Promoted by the pharmaceutical distribution cooperative Novaltia, the drone company Delsat and the Teruel Airport Platform, it aims to distribute medicines and pharmaceutical products to pharmacies in areas difficult to access with drones..

The Pharmadron project has been one of the 7 projects awarded in the third edition of the BFAero, the incubator and business accelerator promoted by the Xunta de Galicia.

Among the 85 initiatives presented, the jury has valued Pharmadron's technological innovation, its growth potential, the business cooperation and social commitment of this Aragonese idea that seeks to deliver medicines and pharmaceutical products, through remotely piloted aircraft, to chronic patients. elderly people and the population residing in localities with difficult access to transport by land or in complex meteorological situations or natural disasters, through the network of pharmacies.

Social commitment and sustainable transport

The project, in which the pharmaceutical distribution cooperative Novaltia, the drone company Delsat and the Teruel airport participate, seeks to guarantee universal access to medicines for the entire population through pharmacies regardless of their geographical area.

This sustainable mobility business model will also contribute to fighting against depopulation by creating jobs for young people, with emerging technology, in full evolution and with great potential for economic development, betting on respect for the environment using clean energy from sources renewable.

Economic, technological and logistical support

With the support of the Xunta de Galicia, through BFAero, Pharmadron becomes part of the projects that the entity has in its "incubator" and begins a work process with the means that this business accelerator makes available to the entrepreneurs: financing, technological infrastructures and support with which to develop their business project.

BFAero is promoted by the Xunta de Galicia through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (IGAPE) and the Management Company of Closed Type Investment Entities (XESGALICIA). In addition, it has the traction of companies such as Indra Sistemas S.A. and Babcock MCS Spain.