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1.- Origins

Cruzfarma was established in 2009 as a sales and service group catering to pharmacies and their specific needs. Cruzfarma is forward-looking and innovative, and its mission is to manage professional purchasing effectively.
Industry leaders in their provinces, the cooperatives Novaltia Sociedad Cooperativa (cooperative formed following the merger of Aragofar and Vascofar), Cooperativa Farmacéutica de Ciudad Real (COFARCIR) , Cooperativa Farmacéutica de Menorca (COFARME) , Distribuidora Farmacéutica de Guipúzcoa (DFG - merger of UFG and Guifarco, and a member of Cruzfarma from the start), and Cooperativa Farmacéutica de La Rioja (RIOFARCO) have been members of Cruzfarma since its establishment.
In 2013, Cruzfarma merge with Unne Groupe (DFG, Nafarco and Cofas) to create Unnefar (Unión de Empresas Farmacéuticas) a second-degree cooperative. Since then, the incorporation of Cofarcu, and Cofarle, means that Unnefar is now comprised of nine cooperatives, which provide service to more than 3,500 pharmacies.
Changes and trends in the industry have forced Unnefar to revisit its approach in order to adapt itself to the pharmacies needs and come up with solutions and tools that allow pharmacists to strengthen their businesses.
Cruzfarma offers high added-value services to pharmacies.

2.- Cruzfarma’s values

Cruzfarma aims to exploit synergies to improve efficiency by combining the purchasing power of eight companies in the wholesale pharma sector. As a resault, Cruzfarma obtains a stronger position in the market, increases bargaining power with pharmaceutical manufacters and is able to transfer these benefits to its pharmacy partners.

Cruzfarma shares a common values defending the current Spanish pharmaceutical model.

Cruzfarma´s values

  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Services
  • Closeness
  • Benefits
  • Transparency
  • Advantages
  • Management
  • Future
  • Loyalty

3.- Cruzfarma Services

Pharmacies are demanding more and more services.
Cruzfarma is a pioneer in the introduction of management tools and services that improve the profits of its pharmacy partners. From well established services, such as Spain’s first customer loyalty programme for pharmacies in cooperatives, to more novel ones, including:
  1. Pharmacy websites
  2. Checkfarma
  3. FarmaPremium E-Commerce
  4. Cruzfarma FM Radio
  5. Marketing consultancy and "management by category"
  6. Nutrition programme
  7. Genetic analysis
  9. LOPD
  10. Mystery shopper and market research, etc